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Wildland Socks

About Our Signature Wildland Socks

If you’re looking for an exceptional pair of running socks, be sure to check out our comfortable Wildland socks, specifically designed and made for the Wildland firefighting community. These socks feature a design with two Pulaski’s on the front and the iconic American flag on the back. The Pulaski’s on the Wildland socks represent the Wildland firefighting world, while the flag represents our wonderful country that these brave firefighters have vowed to protect. What makes these socks so special besides the design? The material makes them extremely unique and comfortable for a pair of running socks you’ll want to wear every single day. They’re made of bamboo, which is a perfect sustainable material for everything from flooring and clothing to our signature exercising and running socks.

When you slip on a pair of Wildland socks, you’ll feel the difference right away. With 75% bamboo composition, they’re extremely soft and comfortable to wear in any climate and in any terrain. Each sale of a pair of our Wildland socks will give 20% to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, so you can help to give back to this incredible community. They come in a universal size that’s suitable for both men and women. They are available in black or white, making these socks a versatile addition to any wardrobe, and they pair great with all of your favorite shoes. Soon, Cozi Wildland Apparel will also be launching a revolutionary hiking sock for the fire line. These socks are not hot and sweaty like many merino wool socks that are worn by our firefighters. Our new socks will be out soon, so check back frequently for updates to see what we have new in-store. Be sure to check out our videos, and like us on Instagram, so you can stay on top of what’s new.

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