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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we donate? Who is the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and Paws and Stripes?

     We donate 20% of each sock pair sold to either the Wildland Firefighter Foundation or Paws and Stripes depending on which sock design you purchased. The Wildland Firefighter Foundation is a great organization that helps the families of the fallen or severely injured firefighters with money toward anything the families needs. Such as food, bills, funeral costs and even tuition for college for the children of the deceased firefighter. Paws and Stripes is an amazing foundation that helps veterans who are struggling with severe PTSD and or Traumatic Brain Injury by giving them a service dog. But not just any service dog, a dog that is specifically rescued from a shelter. They’re saying is “Save Two Lives” which is the reason we stand so firmly behind their mission.

What’s the big deal about bamboo socks anyways?

Benefits of Bamboo

1. Bamboo is grown organically without pesticides or any chemicals. 

2. Unlike cotton or other synthetic fabric, Bamboo is breathable, silky soft and will hug your foot, reducing the chances of any blisters.

3. The wick-protection qualities help to maintain dry feet all day.

4. They are hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and have wonderful anti-bacterial properties. Which makes it a great sock fabric for people with sensitive, sweaty or smelly feet.

5. Bamboo eliminates athletes foot and irritation that cotton or synthetic fabrics may cause.

6. They are also thermo regulating, making your feet cold in the hot summer or toasty warm during the cold winter season. This also makes them great for exercising and long days at work.

7. Bamboo fibers are durable and will outlast any other material of sock.

8. People living with Diabetes, MS, and Arthritis will greatly benefit from bamboo socks due to the temperature regulating and ventilation it provides.

9. Bamboo socks benefit from its UV protection qualities, which can prevent sun burns.

10. They are extremely easy to maintain and will keep their durability much longer than an average pair of cotton socks. 

11. Also, after every wash, bamboo fibers of the sock become more and more soft. Giving you greater comfort then when you first bought them!

How to properly clean your new bamboo socks

Proper way to wash your new bamboo socks…

1. Always wash in cold to Luke warm water, never hot.

2. Use a gentle detergent and never use bleach as it will turn your socks yellow, best to use baking soda to keep those vibrant colors.

3. For drying never use setting on hot for dryer, mild heat or tumble air dry is best to keep bamboo fibers perfect and from your socks from shrinking.

4. For ironing, it is not needed for bamboo socks and shouldn’t be done to protect the bamboo fibers of the socks.

5. What’s amazing about Bamboo socks is each time you wash, the softer your socks become.

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