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H.Jackson Brown,Jr

“ Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” H.Jackson Brown,Jr

   Cozi Wildland Apparel was created from an idea while being on the fire line in 2015. Myself and my squad boss would often talk about things that would make our lives more comfortable while out on fires.  We realized, not much has changed in the wildland community for the past 100 years. I often pondered on that question for years to come.       


A little about me, I was a wildland firefighter for four years, two of those as a Hotshot with the United States Forest Service. My fire career was cut short due to incurring two separate injuries while on the fire line in 2016 and my wife becoming physically disabled that same year. During the following uncertain financial years that came, I did many odd jobs to make ends meet. But this was the best thing to happen to me for it gave me time to reflect on that question that haunted me for years after leaving the fire line. I asked myself often "what could of made my life better on the Fire line"? Then one day something clicked and I thought about how important our feet are while on the Fire line. I realized how much I hated my thick merino wool socks and how hot and wet they would get. 


   So I began looking up popular sock brands, materials and manufacturers. Not only that but I wanted to create an affordable sock made out only the best materials on the market. After doing extensive research, I came across bamboo socks. I realized the benefits of this material was amazing, especially for athletes. The anti-fungal, anti-blister, hypoallergenic and odor resistant qualities made it a perfect fit for wildland firefighting. I told myself not only am I going to create the best feeling sock but I’m extremely passionate about my company giving back. Which is why I plan on donating 20% of each sale to either the Wildland Firefighter Foundation or Paws and Stripes. Both of these organizations do wonderful work to help people or animals in need.                        


   I also want to help the disabled community for I have seen to long term detrimental effects of regular fabrics and also compression medical socks on my wife’s feet. She was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia back in 2016 and I’ve seen first hand the pain she endures on a day to day basis. She is an Army Veteran and one of the toughest woman I have ever met, so when she complains of pain, I truly know it’s really hurting. She swears by these socks and hopes more people with disabilities can benefit from the amazing attributes that come along with wearing them.       


   At Cozi Wildland Apparel, our goal in the near future is to launch a revolutionizing hiking sock for the fire line. We see big things for this company and strive for excellence. We stand by our product and hope to see these socks spread like wildfire. 

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